RT @dds180: Genuinely delighted to have been invited to become a Fellow of @CenterforEBMgt. Anyone who has had the misfortune to work with…
Our fellow @AlessCapezio presenting the findings of @CIPD & CEBMa’s rapid review of the scientific evidence on unethical workplace behavior to a large group of Australian execs https://t.co/OjHCkTZSV7
RT @Rob_Briner: Marketing email from @Korn_Ferry. Does each generation have a unique psyche? Seems highly unlikely. For example: https://…
Looks like @McKinsey willfully disregarded evidence from stakeholders: the values and concerns of those affected by their practices. This raises serious ethical questions https://t.co/G8rSAhNPyF
Great to see so many EBP aficionado’s in Melbourne - proud to be part of this community https://t.co/4HFDhPZV6v


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