RT @ScienceForWork: How can companies prevent stress in an effective way? Are well-known resilience-building training programs the answer t…
Spot on! Don’t criticize or ridicule but ask critical questions: how do you know, what is the evidence? And most importantly: what is the problem you’re trying to solve? https://t.co/avHto5JmFZ
No it doesn't: 95% (!) of the executives surveyed say their organisation's talent management is "not so effective" when it comes to improving company performance. https://t.co/6cxz4l6TDz https://t.co/dmMtbRupI9
So what is this - a workshop, a seminar? Never mind, we’ll be there https://t.co/EgDC9ValwD
RT @MartinCWWalker: @Rob_Briner @CakeHR @CenterforEBMgt This is a very interesting topic and the article has some very clear examples of th…


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