RT @Journal_of_Mgmt: When the “Best Available Evidence” Doesn’t Win: How Doubts About #Science and #Scientists Threaten the Future of Evide…
RT @Otolithical: The new arrival in the Otolith Library. Evidence-based management by @denise_rousseau and @EricBarends. Thanks to @vigorun
Andy Oxman presenting the Generic Key Concepts for assessing the trustworthiness of claims > website and publication in Nature will follow soon https://t.co/PkEFbGkh7R
So proud we're part of this - The evidence based community (med, edu, pub pol, soc wo, poli, mgt, envi, agr, etc) gathering in Oxford to develop key concepts people need to understand to critically appraise claims @IHC_project https://t.co/zOYpq7sRZW
RT @ScienceForWork: NEW EVIDENCE SUMMARY: #Recruitment: What you can do to attract the best candidates, by Jonathan Dault https://t.co/AZrx…


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