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Articles on Evidence-Based Management.


Walshe & RundallEvidence-Based Management: From Theory to Practice in Health Care.The Millbank Quarterly2001
RousseauIs there such thing as Evidence-Based Management?Academy of Management Review2006
Pfeffer & SuttonEvidence-Based ManagementHarvard Business Review2006
Kovner & RundallEvidence-Based Management ReconsideredFrontiers of Health Services Management2006
Pfeffer & SuttonManagement Half-Truths and Nonsense: How to Practice Evidence-Based Management.California Management Review2006
Leslie et al.Managing your organization by the evidence.The McKinsey Quarterly2006
Pfeffer & SuttonTreat Your Organization as a Prototype: The Essence of Evidence-Based Management.Design Management Review2006
Pfeffer & SuttonA Matter of FactPeople Management2006
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Pfeffer & SuttonSuppose We Took Evidence-Based Management Seriously.Academy of Management Learning & Education2007
LawlerWhy HR Practices are not Evidence-Based.Academy of Management Journal2007
BrinerIs HRM evidence-based and does it matter?IES Opinion2007
Olivas LujanEvidence-Based Management: A Business Necessity for Hispanics.The Business Journal of Hispanic Research2008
BaskervillePreparing for Evidence-Based Management.European Journal of Information Systems2009
Briggs & McBeathEvidence-Based Management: Origins, Challenges, and Implications for Social Service Administration.Administration in Social Work2009
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Kovner et al.What More Evidence Do You Need?Harvard Business Review2010
Briner & RousseauEvidence-Based I–O Psychology: Not There Yet.Industrial and Organizational Psychology2011
Briner & RousseauEvidence-Based I–O Psychology: Not There Yet but Now a Little Nearer?Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Vol. 4, 76–82.2011
Hirsch & BrinerEvidence-based HR: From Fads to Facts?Corporate Research Forum2011
Rousseau & BarendsBecoming An Evidence-Based HR Practitioner.Human Resource Management Journal2011
Scott ArmstrongEvidence-based Advertising, An Application to Persuasion.International Journal of Advertising2011
Pfeffer & SuttonTrust the Evidence, Not Your InstinctsNew York Times2011
HodgkinsonThe Politics of Evidence-Based Decision Making.The Oxford Handbook of Evidence-based Management2012
Frese et al.Evidence-based Entrepreneurship: Cumulative Science, Action Principles, and Bridging the Gap Between Science and Practice.Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship 2012
DonaldsonEvidence-Based Management, Using Organizational FactsThe Oxford Handbook of Evidence-based Management.2012
WernerBuried Treasure: A Business Librarian’s Insights on Finding the Evidence.The Oxford Handbook of Evidence-based Management.2012
Madvahan & MahoneyEvidence-Based Management in “Macro” Areas: The Case of Strategic Management.The Oxford Handbook of Evidence-based Management.2012
PfefferEvidence-based Management for Entrepreneurial Environments: Faster and Better Decisions with Less RiskChance and Intent: Managing the Risks of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.2012
RousseauEnvisioning Evidence-Based Management.The Oxford Handbook of Evidence-based Management.2012
Vishwanath & HakemZadehToward a theory of evidence-based decision making.Management Decision
Vol. 50 No. 5, pp. 832-867
Barends, Rousseau & BrinerEvidence-Based Management: The Basic PrinciplesCenter for Evidence-Based Management2014
KovnerEvidence-Based Management
Implications for Nonprofit Organizations
Non Profit Management & Leadership, vol. 24, no. 32014
JacobsUnder The Microscope - Evidence Based HR ManagementHR Magazine2015
Rousseau & GuniaEvidence-Based Practice:
The Psychology of EBP Implementation
Annual Review of Psychology 2015
Briner & BarendsThe Role of Scientific Research Findings in Evidence Based HRPeople & Strategy2016
Rousseau & GuniaEvidence-based practice: the psychology of EBP implementationAnnual review of psychology2016
Wright et alEvidence-based Management in Practice: Opening up the Decision Process, Decision-maker and ContextBritish Journal of Management2016
Bezzina et alEvidence-based human resource management practices in three EU developing member states: Can managers tell truth from fallacy?European Management Journal2017
Barends et al
Managerial attitudes and perceived barriers regarding evidence-based practice: An international survey
Wright & UlrichA Road Well Traveled: The Past, Present, and Future Journey of Strategic Human Resource ManagementThe Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior2017

Rynes & BartunekEvidence-Based Management: Foundations, Development, Controversies and FutureAnnual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior



Articles on Evidence-Based Practice in Other Disciplines


Articles on Evidence-Based Medicine
Guyatt et al.Evidence-Based Medicine, A New Approach to Teaching the Practice of MedicineJournal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 286 (17)1992
SacketEvidence based medicine: what it is and what it isn’tBritish Medical Journal, Jan 13, (312)1996
Dawes et al.Sicily statement on evidence-based practice.BMC Medical Education, Vol. 5 (1)2005
ClementsWhat Counts? Interpreting evidence-based decision-making for management and policyReport of the 6th CHSRF Annual Invitational Workshop2004
Barends et al.Learning from other Evidence-Based Practices: The Case of MedicineThe Oxford Handbook of Evidence-based Management.2012
Articles on Evidence-Based Education
DaviesWhat is Evidence-based Education?British Journal of Educational Studies, Vol. 47 (2)1999
SlavinEvidence-Based Education Policies: Transforming Educational Practice and ResearchEducational Researcher, Vol. 31 (7)2002
OakleySocial Science and Evidence-based Everything: the case of education.Educational Review, Vol. 54 (3)2002
Oliver & ConoleEvidence-based practice and e-learning in Higher Education: can we and should we?Research Papers in Education, Vol.18 (4)2003
SimonsEvidence-based practice: panacea or over promise?Research Papers in Education 18(4)2003
CutspecBridging the Research-to-Practice Gap: Evidence Based EducationCenterscope, Vol 2 (2)2004
Odom et al. Research in Special Education: Scientific Methods and Evidence-Based Practices.Exceptional Children, Vol 71 (2)2005
HansenSources of Information about Evidence-Based Practices.Casemaker, Vol 5 (1)2010
Scott ArmstrongNatural Learning in Higher Education: An Evidence-based Analysis.Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning2010
Articles on Evidence-Based Public Policy
Petrosino et al.Meeting the Challenges of Evidence-Based Policy: The Campbell Collaboration.Annals AAPSS, 5782001
HeadThree Lenses of Evidence-Based Policy.Australian Journal of Public Administration, Vol 67 (1)2008
BanksEvidence-based policy making: What is it? How do we get it?ANU Public Lecture Series, Canberra2009
McCallEvidence-Based Programming in the Context of Practice and Policy.Social Policy Report, Vol 13 (3)2009
HeadEvidence-based policy: principles and requirements.Strengthening Evidence-based Policy in the Australian Federation, Roundtable Proceedings, Canberra2010
Ngom / EBP Planning GroupEvidence-Based Programming Guidance Note.United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)2011
Jennings & HallEvidence-Based Practice and the Use of Information in State Agency Decision Making Journal of Public Administration Research Theory, Vol. 2222 (2)2012
Articles on Evidence-Based Management Social Work
GilgunThe Four Cornerstones of Evidence-Based Practice in Social Work.Research on Social Work Practice, Vol 15 (1)2005
Mullen et al.Implementing Evidence-Based Social Work PracticeResearch on Social Work Practice, Vol 14 (4)2008
Articles on Evidence-Based Policing and Criminal Justice
Sherman et al.Preventing Crime: What Works, What Doesn’t, and What’s Promising.University of Maryland report to Congress.1997
ShermanEvidence-Based PolicingIdeas in American Policing, Washington, DC, Police Foundation1998
Drake et al.Evidence-Based Public Policy Options to Reduce Crime and Criminal Justice Costs.Victims and Offenders, Vol 42009
Mears & BarnesToward a systematic foundation for identifying evidence-based criminal justice sanctions and their relative effectiveness.Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol 38 (4)2010
ShermanThe Rise of Evidence-Based Policing: Targeting, Testing and Tracking.Crime and Justice, Vol 42 (Crime and Justice in America)2013



Articles on Teaching Evidence-Based Management


Rousseau & McCarthyEducating Managers From an Evidence-Based Perspective.Academy of Management Learning & Education, Vol. 6 (1)2007
Bear GreanEducating New Management Specialists From an Evidence-Based Perspective: A Proposal. Academy of Management Learning & Education,Vol. 8 (2)2009
Yankeelow et al.From Producing to Consuming Research: Incorporating Evidence-Based Practice Into Advanced Research Courses in a Master of Social Work ProgramJournal of Teaching in Social Work, Vol 30 ,367–384,2010
Charlier et al.Teaching Evidence-Based Management in MBA Programs: What Evidence Is There?Academy of Management Learning & Education, Vol. 10 (2)2011
Goodman & O’ BrienTeaching and Learning Using Evidence-Based Principles.The Oxford Handbook of Evidence-based Management.2012
Salipante & Kowal SmithToward Doctoral Education that Encourages Evidence-Based Management through Problem-Focused Research.The Oxford Handbook of Evidence-based Management.2012
Jelley et al.Reflections of Teaching Evidence-Based Management.The Oxford Handbook of Evidence-based Management.2012
RousseauDesigning a Better Business School: Channelling Herbert Simon, Addressing the Critics, and Developing Actionable Knowledge for Professionalizing Managers.Journal of Management Studies Vol. 49 (3) 2012
Wright et al.Combining Crisis Management and Evidence-Based Management: The Queensland Floods as a Teachable Moment.Journal of Management Education 37(1) 135–1602013
Rynes, Rousseau & BarendsFrom the Guest Editors: Change the World:
Teach Evidence-Based Practice!
Academy of Management Education Vol. 13, No. 3, 305–3212014
Barends & BrinerTeaching Evidence-Based Practice: Lessons From the Pioneers. An Interview With Amanda Burls and Gordon GuyattAcademy of Management Education Vol. 13, No. 3, 476-4832014
Briner & WalsheFrom Passively Received Wisdom to Actively Constructed Knowledge: Teaching Systematic Review Skills As a Foundation of Evidence-Based Management.Academy of Management Education Vol. 13, No. 3, 415-4322014
CharlierIncorporating Evidence-Based Management Into Management Curricula:
A Conversation With Gary Latham
Academy of Management Education Vol. 13, No. 3, 467-4752014
Gamble & JelleyThe Case for Competition: Learning About Evidence-Based Management Through Case CompetitionAcademy of Management Education Vol. 13, No. 3, 433-4552014



Articles on Methodology and Research


McGrathDilemmatics, The Study of Research Choices and Dilemmas.American Behavioral Scientist, Vol. 25 no. 2 179-210 1981
Oxman & GuyattValidation of an index of the quality of review articles.Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, Vol. 44 (11)1991
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Schulz & GrimesCase-control studies: research in reverseThe Lancet, Vol. 359 (9304)2002
Deeks et al.Evaluating non-randomised intervention studies.Health Technology Assessment, Vol 7 (22)2003
Spencer et al.Quality in Qualitative Evaluation: A framework for assessing research evidence.National Centre for Social Research2003
Dixon-Woods et al.The problem of appraising qualitative research.BMJ Quality & Safety, Vol. 14 (3)2004
IoannidisWhy Most Published Research Findings Are False.PLoS Medicine, Volume 2, Issue 82005
What Works ClearinghouseEvidence Standards for Reviewing Studies.What Works Clearinghouse (WWC)2006
Guyatt et al. GRADE: going from evidence to recommendations.British Medical Journal, Vol. 3362008
Levine et al.Sample Sizes and Effect Sizes are Negatively Correlated in Meta- Analyses: Evidence and Implications of a Publication Bias Against NonSignificant FindingsCommunication Monographs
Vol. 76, No. 3
Petticrew & RobertsEvidence, hierarchies, and typologies: horses for coursesJournal of Epidemiology and Community Health, Vol 57 (7)2009
SijtsmaOn the Use, the Misuse and Very Limited Usefulness of Crornbach's Alpha.PSYCHOMETRIKA—VOL. 74, NO. 1, 107–1202009
Fiske & BorgidaHow to evaluate psychological science for use by organizations.Research in Organizational Behavior, Vol. 312011
LiUsing the Propensity Score Method to Estimate Causal Effects: A Review and Practical Guide.Organizational Research Methods 00(0) 1-392012
Fanellia et al.US studies may overestimate effect sizes in softer research.PNAS, vol. 110 no. 372013
Barends et al.Difficult but Doable: Increasing the Internal Validity of Organizational Change Management Studies.The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Vol 50 (1)2014



Articles on Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis


Egger et al.Bias in meta-analysis detected by a simple, graphical test.British Medical Journal, Vol. 315 (7109)1998
McCauley et al.Does the inclusion of grey literature influence estimates of intervention effectiveness reported in meta-analyses?The Lancet, Vol. 356 (9237)2000
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Lewis & ClarkeForest plots, trying to see the wood and the treesBMJ, Vol 3222001
Tranfield et al.Towards a Methodology for Developing Evidence-Informed Management Knowledge by Means of Systematic Review.British Journal of Management, Vol. 142003
Rauch & FreseMeta-analysis As a Tool For Developing Entrepreneurship Research and Theory.Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth, Vol. 92006
Petticrew & RobertsSystematic reviews – Do they ‘work’ in informing decision-making around health inequalities?Health Economics, Policy and Law, Vol 3 (2)2008
Rousseau et al.Evidence in Management and Organizational Science: Assembling the Field’s Full Weight of Scientific Knowledge Through Syntheses.Annals of the AMJ, Vol. 22008
Denyer & TranfieldProducing a Systematic Review.The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Research Methods2009
Moher et al.Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses: The PRISMA Statementl.PLOS, Volume 6 | Issue 72009
Jessani & ReidSystematic Reviews, what is it and how does it workKnowledge Translation, a ‘research matters’ tookit.2010
Briner & DenyerSystematic review and evidence synthesis as a a practice and scholarship tool.The Oxford Handbook of Evidence-based Management.2012



Articles Critical of Evidence-Based Management


Learmonth“Is There Such a Thing As ’Evidence-Based Management’?”: A Commentary on Rousseau’s 2005 Presidential AddressAcademy of Management Review2006
Holmes et alDeconstructing the evidence-based discourse in health sciences: truth, power and fascismInternational Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare2006
Learmonth & HardingEvidence-Based Management, The Very IdeaPublic Administration2006
MorrellThe Narrative of ‘Evidence Based’ Management: A PolemicJournal of Management Studies2008
LearmonthEvidence-Based Management: A Backlash Against Pluralism in Organizational Studies?Organization2008
DenzinThe elephant in the living room: or extending the conversation about the politics of evidenceQualitative Research2009
Boell & Cecez-KecmanovicAre systematic reviews better, less biased and of higher quality?European Conference on Information Systems 2011 2011
Tourish‘Evidence Based Management’, or ‘Evidence Oriented Organizing’? A critical realist perspectiveOrganization2012
Morrell & LearmonthAgainst Evidence-Based Management, for Management LearningAcademy of Management Learning and Education2015