Frequently Asked Questions




1.  What is evidence-based management (EBMgt)?


2.  What are common misconceptions about EBMgt?


3.  Can you give me a definition of EBMgt?


4.  What counts as evidence?


5.  What is meant by 'the best available' evidence?


6.  What is meant by 'evidence from the scientific literature'?


11. Where can I find evidence from the scientific literature?


12. I don't have access to research databases, what now?


13. What are the levels of evidence?


14. What is a PICOC?


15. What is critical appraisal?


16. What is a CAT?


17. What is a rapid evidence assessment (REA)


18. What is a systematic review (SR)?


19. What is peer review?


20. What are the limitations of evidence-based practice?