Our Values


Values II

We think values are important, especially for a non-profit member organization such as CEBMa. So how do you set them? In his article, Aligning Action and Values, Jim Collins argues that organizational values cannot be set; you should ‘discover’ them by doing he “Mars Group Exercise”. We at CEBMa think that’s non-evidentiary non-sense. So we ask for your help instead.


Last month a small group of CEBMa members came together and formulated these three core values. What do you think? Anything missing? As an evidence-based aficionado, would you be willing to publicly promote these three values?





CEBMa’s values are a reflection of our mission to help managers and organizations make better decisions. They are the yardstick for our thinking and actions, and the essence of what ties our members together.


Evidence matters

We will base our practice on the best available critically appraised evidence from multiple sources. We believe that high-quality evidence drives better outcomes for organizations, their members and their clients. Where high-quality evidence is not available, we will work with the limited evidence at hand and supplement it through “learning by doing”, by systematically assessing the outcome of our practice.


Lifelong learning

Throughout our professional life, we will remain committed to lifelong learning. We encourage open discussion, feedback, constructive criticism and ongoing assessment of outcomes, and appreciate that this may lead us to change our judgment and conclusions.


Independent, always

We are open to views from everyone, but we will weigh them against the best available evidence. We will never be afraid to speak up when the evidence contradicts established practice and we will guard our independence at all costs. Independence and freedom from bias is the lifeblood of evidence-based practice.



Tell us what you think!