What You Can Do To Help Us …




Become A Member Of CEBMa

The Center for Evidence-Based Management is a member organization. Our mission is to help people in organizations make better decisions and stop the spending of billions of dollars on ineffective (or even damaging) management practices By becoming a member you support that mission and become part of an international community of professionals, educators and scholars that promotes evidence-based practice in management. For more information visit our membership page.



Teach Evidence Based Practice

EBP in management, as in medicine, begins with education and training. CEBMa provides presentations and powerpoint slides to help you get started in developing your own EBP teaching. In addition you can incorporate CEBMa-developed on-line modules in your own courses. The first on-line module introduces students to the basic principles of evidence-based practice in management. The second helps students learn to critically appraise the quality of scientific evidence (A third module dealing with organizational evidence is in the works!). If you want to no more about our teaching material and on-line course modules, please contact Eric Barends through our contact form.



Give A Talk On Evidence Based Practice

CEBMa is a non-profit member organization dedicated to promoting EBP in management. So, you would help us tremendously by giving a talk on EBP: What is it, why do we need it and what does it look like in practice? If you have a good understanding of what EBP entails and aspire to give a talk during a certain event – or maybe within your own company – please get in touch with us. We have several PowerPoint presentations that you could use, and we will coach you to make sure your that talk will be a success. 




Become A Volunteer

– Are you interested in working on Rapid Evidence Assessments?

– Would you want to critically appraise meta-analyses/systematic reviews for the CEBMa data-base?

– Would you like to organize a seminar or introductory workshop on EBP?

– Can you help with our website?

– Do you have ideas for the CEBMa newsletter or would you like to write a piece?

– How would YOU like to volunteer?

CEBMa welcomes member participation in a host of areas. Contact Eric Barends through our contact form with your idea!



Make A Donation

CEBMa is a not-for-profit organization. We receive our income through educational and consulting services by our fellow members and projects funded by corporations, governmental and non-profit organizations. Another source of income are private donations. By making a donation, no matter how big or small, you support the mission and activities of CEBMa. You can make a donation securely via Paypal or by creditcard. On request, we will happily provide you with a receipt.